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The Artists

Veronica Gomez


Gospel Recording Artist

Moyi (born November 2, 1987) is a gospel/inspiration singer, songwriter, rapper, influencer, youth advisor, business owner and mother of two beautiful children.


Moyi is a nickname given to Veronica at birth, and for a long time, the name Moyi actually felt like a burden. In 2018, when she decided to take her music career to the next level, she decided to use Moyi as her stage name to embrace herself fully and to honor her parents. Moyi began using her platform to spread positivity. For a few years, she struggled with her path; she wasn’t sure were she would fit in until she realized God was calling her to teach and minister through her songs. Moyi started to pour out through her own life experiences and testimonies. Moyi encourages, motivates, and speaks life into you through her versatility in music.


Moyi can be heard in numerous projects on all digital streaming platforms, as well as, a Grounded Presents Jeremiah 2911 Podcast on all digital platforms.


Moyi’s purpose and mission is to uplift and encourage--not just women, but youth and anyone willing to listen. In 2021, Moyi launched her photography business Anointed Visions. She is a visual creator and has many avenues that she will be launching in the near future. Anointed Visions is a faith-based business. Moyi focuses on being a blessing towards others and building up the kingdom of God.


“If I can inspire one person to make a difference, and change their lives in a positive way, then I am living in my purpose”. -Moyi

Veronica Gomez
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