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A Women's Conference
Like No Other Starts Here

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A vision for Godly women working together is what Pastor Sammy Jackson desires with the birth of the Women of God in Unity Working Together Conference. Pastor Sammy shares his thoughts on the conference.


Why did you start the conference?  

I think it will change lives across this nation.

Why a women's conference? 

I believe that women can get the message of God out across all the communities of the nation.

What do you hope to accomplish with the conference?  

My hope is to make a difference by turning homes and communities into positive, energy-effective environments, creating caring attitude towards each other.

What kind of experience do you want attendees to have?

I want people to know need each other and show it to others daily.  We can do this together. Let's serve God, and serve each other.


Reserve your place today at the inaugural Women of God in Unity Working Together Conference!  Click below to let us know you'll be there!  Registration is free!

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