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Apostle Sherilyn Fletcher
Pastor Jean Brissey
Pastor Jean M_edited.jpg


Founding Pastor, Higher Ground Ministries

Overseer, Revival Center Community Church

Minister Annette Jackson


Mental Health Therapist

Author, Poems From the Heart

Minister Annette Jackson

Minister Annette Hoggs-Jackson is a first-time author.  She states that her book, Poems From the Heart, is an anointed book as it was God's instruction to write the book because it would help many people.


Annette comes from a large family of seven sisters and one brother, of which she is the firstborn, along with her sister Angela.  She and her siblings have one sister and one brother now deceased.  Raised by her father, Thomas Holtz Jr, and her mother Dorothy Hoggs, she and her siblings were kept in church. "We had a very good loving parents." Annette is married to Sammy Jackson.  They have two sons, Tyrell Otero and Samuel Jackson. 


Annette has a BA in Psychology and a Master's in Professionl Counseling.  She is a mental health therapist and has worked in the for over 40 years trying to help others. 


She is passionate about helping people and watching them be resilient.  She works in ministry where God continues to allow her to show compassion, be kind, and have empathy for others.

Susanne Wiggins
Susanne Wiggins


ENOCH Prayer

Born December 9, 1952 in New Rochelle, New York, Susanne Rochelle Glater to Jewish parents whose parents fled the Holocaust that was threatening to spread to Poland.  Both my mother and father are the first of our lineage to be born in the United States of America, even as my father’s brother was born in Poland.

As I reflect on my life, it is obvious the Lord guided me to Himself!  At the age of 5, walking home from kindergarten I passed an Orthodox Synagogue and decided to walk into a Wednesday afternoon Hebrew Class, and on the other days would go into their sanctuary, sit down in the back and listen to the men davening (praying).  I learned how to read and write English and Hebrew at the same time.

My family would tease me growing up, affirming how religious I was, and proclaiming I would surely be a Rebbetzin (the wife of a Rabbi).  Truly this was a prophetic utterance, as I am now the bride of ‘THE RABBI, YESHUA)!!!

I dated a boy throughout High School, and we married two years after I graduated.  It was a very difficult time, both personally and in the nation. It was the 70’s, Viet Nam War, Woodstock, drugs, free sex, new age.  It was a time of searching, and I turned to Transcendental Meditation- after all if it was good for the Beatles it had to be good for me.  The irony is the Jesus movement was passing through our community, and it passed right by me- I was Jewish, Jesus was not an option.

My mom moved to Florida and opened an interior design store.  It was my opportunity to relocate, and I did just that.  We worked together from 1977 util she retired, and the store closed in 2010.  In 1983 I met and married my second husband, and my daughter was born in 1985.

The Lord sent different customer’s into the stores- by this time we had 2- and they would witness to me.  I went to several prayer meetings and church services.  One of my customers pursued my salvation, had me open the bible, and I determined if the Old Testament was true, then the New Testament was true… I was hooked!  A short time later I walked away from Transcendental Meditation.

Within the first month of my salvation in 1983, I began to attend prayer meetings, and I have been attending them and leading them ever since!  The Lord had uniquely positioned me to bring the Jewish Community and the Christian Community together for several large events- meeting at the Ocean Center, the Peabody Auditorium, synagogues, and several churches. These events featured beautiful dancing, worship and both Rabbis and Pastors speaking.  It was a very special season.

During this time the Lord also led me to pursue worship and prayer each night in different churches throughout Volusia County, interceding for Volusia County… the vision was there would be prayer every night.  Each Night One Church- and ENOCH Prayer was birthed in 2010.

My heart is for this vision to be fulfilled… churches united as His Body, Jesus as the Head! May we see this manifested in Volusia County as it is in Heaven!

Sandra Durham


Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Host of Not Your Mama's Spirituality

Sandra Durham_edited.jpg

Sandy Durham, LMHC and special guests explore what spirituality looks like, a unique hybrid of mental health and wellness. She will be connecting with guests who use their calling to specialize in helping the community navigate mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Pastor Tiffany Ware
Pastor Tiffany Ware


Pastor, The Uncommon Faith Center

Owner, Optimum Care Providers

Tiffany Ware currently serves as Pastor of the The Uncommon Faith Center located in Clermont, FL. She is led by her husband Thomas Ware, Overseer.  She comes from a family of preachers and has been in ministry most of her life, preaching her first official sermon as a licensed minister at the age of 21. Tiffany has a passion for Evangelism and has spent a great deal of time on street corners ministering the gospel. She loves God and His people and is known for her selfless heart.

Tiffany is the business owner of Optimum Care Providers where she serves individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. She has assisted many others in becoming business owners in this field and has helped to provide jobs within her community.

Tiffany and Thomas have been married 14 years and are blessed to love on 4 beautiful children: Thadeus (22), Thomas III (11), Silas (9), and Autumn (8).

One of her favorite scriptures is Psalsms 34:8 “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.”

Evangelist Sarah Howard


Bio Coming Soon!

Evangelist Sarah Howard
Ministe Pauletta Singleton
Minister Pauletta Singleton


Bio Coming Soon!

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